press release

Impact is a touring exhibition from Cairns Regional Gallery which considers the ongoing ramifications of colonisation on First Nation communities in Australia and the Pacific region. New media and video works by Michael Cook, Fiona Foley, Taloi Havini and Angela Tiatia explore narratives of dispossession, alienation, conflict, gender, race and history. Michael Cook’s video work explores the untold consequences on members of the Stolen Generations from the 1870s until the 1970s. Set in the distinctive landscape of central Australia, Fiona Foley’s film, Vexed, similarly explores notions of loss, in this case, the theft of Aboriginal women by white men and the profound effect on traditional Aboriginal kinship marriages. Taloi Havini’s work looks at the devastated environment and the impact of social/political conflicts between the peoples of Bougainville and mining companies of Australia. Angela Tiatia’s work questions the effects of climate change on people’s lives, specifically in Tuvalu, in the South Pacific.