press release

An important purpose of this exhibition is to create an open and inviting space for perception; for understanding and curiosity amongst a Polish public, presenting certain aspects of the contemporary Norwegian art scene. The works will rather emphasize on a certain range of themes, then on chronology. One curatorial aspect which will be of great interest is to exchange points of view for selecting the group of works to meet up with differences and mutual interests and knowledge. The curatorial strategy would be, on the one hand, to arrange a group of works that manage to show some “new” points of interests for a Polish public, and on the other hand to manage to link up with some tendencies that will connect the chosen works with a range of recognizable aspects known from Polish contemporary art. Pressetext

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In a Norwegian Wood.
Norwegian Art of the Last Decade
Kurator: Magdalena Kardasz

mit Fin Serck-Hanssen; Mette Tronvoll; Vanessa Baird; Marte Aas, Per Maning, Mikkel McAlinden, A K Dolven, Bjarne Melgaard, Vibeke Tandberg, Tor Magnus Lundeby, Jenny Rydhagen, Knut Asdam, u.a.