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In Numbers: Serial Publications by Artists

This exhibition represents the first serious effort to define a neglected art form—the serial publication. Artists have long seized on magazines and postcards to create new kinds of art, often the most avant-garde of its time. The exhibition will survey these works—from Wallace Berman’s Semina through Eleanor Antin’s 100 Boots, Robert Heinecken’s modified Periodicals, the Japanese Provoke group, to Raymond Pettibon’s Tripping Corpse and Maurizio Cattelan’s Permanent Food—and will offer a glimpse of rare works by Continuous Project, and a special appearance by North Drive Press. These works have had a profound effect on a diverse range of contemporary artists—such as Terence Koh, Tom Sachs, Scott Hug, and Roni Horn—who have embraced the form and contributed to an explosion of new artists’ publications. The fully illustrated 450-page reference book, In Numbers: Serial Publications by Artists Since 1955, edited by Andrew Roth and Philip Aarons documents the histories of 60 such publications, alongside completely illustrated bibliographies by Victor Brand with essays by Clive Phillpot, Nancy Princethal, and William S. Wilson, and an interview with Collier Schorr to provide historical context. Copies of In Numbers will be available for purchase at Artbook@X during the exhibition.

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Title / Artist 0 to 9 / Vito Acconci 100 Boots / Eleanor Antin 12 Postkarten / H.P. Feldmann Amokkoma / Baumgartner/Höller APB / Terence Koh Art For Um / Buster Cleveland Art-Language / Art & Language Artpolice / Frank Gaard Balloon Newspaper / Nutzle/Walker/humble The BANK / BANK Book about Death / Ray Johnson C Comics / Joe Brainard Continuous Project / Continuous Project Control / Stephen Willats Culture Hero / Les Levine Dé-coll/age / Wolf Vostell Diagonal Cero / E.A. Vigo Donald Parsnips Daily Jrnl / Adam Dant Fat / J. Meckseper FILE / General Idea Fluxus yearboxes / V Tre / G. Maciunas Food Novels / Martha Rosler JDs / LaBruce/Jones Just Another Asshole / Barbara Ess K48 / Scott Hug Kiroku/Document / Daido Moriyama KWY / KWY Landslide / B.J. Ader, W. Leavitt Limericks/Red Boxers / Gilbert & George Living & Loving / Aleksandra Mir LTTR / LTTR Mail Order Art / Patricia Tavenner material / Daniel Spoerri Mela / Maurizio Nannucci North Drive Press / Matt Keegan et al. Revue Nul + Integration / herman de vries Nutsy's / Tom Sachs Ohio / Huber/Feldmann Periodical / R. Heinecken Permanent Food / Maurizio Cattelan Poor. Old. Tired. Horse. / Ian H. Finlay PROVOKE / Provoke Salivation Army / Scott Treleaven Schastrommel / Gunter Brus Semina / Wallace Berman Situationist Times / Jacqueline de Jong SLUTS / Matthias Herrmann SPUR / Gruppe Spur To Place / Roni Horn Tripping Corpse / Raymond Pettibon VILE / B. Gagilone, A. Banana Vision / Tom Marioni Zerrokksu Shashincho / Nobuyoshi Araki

In Numbers: Serial Publications by Artists
Kuratoren: Victor Brand, Andrew Roth, Philip Aarons