press release

The exhibition is an exhibition on shadows, shadow theatre and silhouettes, based on old and contemporary folk tales and on simple narratives expressed with economy of means. Heart of the exhibition is the shadow theatre from Turkey and Greece, and its character Karagöz (in Turkey) or Karaghiozis (in Greece). This exhibition will explore the formal analogies and the conceptual references that a new narrative spirit in contemporary art has with shadow plays and, conversely, the influence this traditional art form has had on the world of contemporary art in recent years. This exhibition will bring together key works by 8 contemporary artists from seven different countries, and two master filmmakers from the first half of the XX Century.

"In praise of shadows" will showcase works and films by the following artists: Haluk Akakçe (Turkey) Natalie Djurberg (Sweden) William Kentridge (South Africa) Katariina Lillqvist (Finland) Jockum Nordström (Sweden) Lotte Reiniger (Germany) Christiana Soulou (Greece) Ladislaw Starewicz (Poland) Andrew Vickery (Great Britain) Kara Walker (U.S.A.)

In Praise of Shadows
Kurator: Paolo Colombo

Künstler: Haluk Akakce, Nathalie Djurberg, Karagöz  (Karaghiozis ), William Kentridge, Katariina Lillqvist, Jockum Nordström, Lotte Reiniger, Christiana Soulou, Ladislas Starewitch, Andrew Vickery, Kara Walker

22.01.09 - 06.05.09 Istanbul Modern
23.05.09 - 26.07.09 Benaki Museum, Athen
21.05.09 - 24.05.09 ART ATHINA 2009 Art Athina, Athen
05.11.08 - 04.01.09 Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin