press release

The 'International Enquirer' exhibition was curated by artist Paul Moss as part of his curatorial residency at Art Gene. The exhibition brought together works by 16 artists from across the UK and Europe.

As an artist who's current activity extends to curating, directing a gallery, and art dealing Moss selected works by artists who also refused to restrict their practice to art making as a solitary act, preferring to develop projects and mechanisms including setting up galleries and magazines, collaborating and writing as a way of continuing their profession.

Exhibiting Artists Stuart Bastik and Maddi Nicholson are both artist founders of Art Gene. JJ Charlesworth and Alasdair Duncan are critic/artist collaboration from London. Ralf Broeg and Petra Rinck are directors of SITE Gallery and Magazine in Düsseldorf. Kim Coleman and Jenny Hogarth are both founding committee members of Embassy Gallery in Edinburgh. Finola Jones runs the commercial gallery Mother'sTankstation in Dublin. Paul Moss and Miles Thurlow are co-directors of Workplace Gallery in Gateshead. Magnus Quaife and Stuart Edmundson curate the BMCA (Blackpool Museum of Contemporary Art). Helen Smith is the director of Waygood Gallery and Studios in Newcastle upon Tyne. Michael Stumpf is currently a committee member of Transmission Gallery in Glasgow. Gavin Wade is an artist and curator based in Birmingham.

International Enquirer

mit Stuart Bastik, Maddi Nicholson, JJ Charlesworth, Alasdair Duncan, Ralf Brög, Petra Rinck, Kim Coleman, Jenny Hogarth, Finola Jones, Paul Moss, Miles Thurlow, Stuart Edmundson, Helen Smith, Michael Stumpf, Gavin Wade