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Today in contemporary art, painting, sculpture, design, architecture, video and new media are equally informed by a coalescing digital Zeitgeist. Reacting to this climate of change the artists in this post-millennial group show utilize bright colors while making physically animated forms.
Their common thread is a self-conscious sensory distillation of a web of visual information offered through technology. In the context of the exhibition Jello, abstract information is processed then disseminated through various media. This opens new connections with previous generations of art. By now most artists use computer tools in various stages of their work. Traditional forms of art are thus reinvented by new technological influences. "High-tech" has diluted into the mainstream from a futuristic seemingly unreachable place to "user friendly" simplicity accessible to everyone on a daily basis. This absorption of virtual images continues to have an indelible impact on our collective psyche in the early development of the 21st century. Guest curator Max Henry is a poet and art critic. His writing has appeared in Art in America, The Art Newspaper, Flash Art, and Tema Celeste. He writes "Gotham Dispatch" a regularly featured column for His recent poetry can be seen in the forthcoming (February 2001) issue of the literary journal Open City.

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Kurator: Max Henry

Künstler: Andrew Chesler, Enter Architecture , Dan Flavin, Torben Giehler, Matt Harle, Ernest Jolicoeur, Daren Kendall, Charles Long, Richard Patterson, Nicolas Rieben, Solange Fabiao / Natasha Makowski