press release

Jeremiah Day
Citoyenne Reprise
May 22–July 25, 2021

Citoyenne Reprise approaches contemporary events with one eye on history and the other on “Fridays For Future”. Stories of politics and civics, artists and activists are being captured and challenge us to find our place in the landscape of our close struggles and broader forces. Forests and streams, occupations and strikes, “fake news” and true secrets: what is the landscape of civic action today? A forest at Arlon was bulldozed in recent weeks, after a largely ignored occupation by young civic actors. The center piece of the exhibition Citoyenne Reprise is an artistic assembly formed in response of the eviction of this Belgian citizen initiative. Jeremiah Day acts as the conductor in this sprawling, informal and mixed-media “jam session.”

Collaborating artists: Luca Bertolo, Chicks On Speed, Bart de Kroon, Fred Dewey, Discoteca Flaming Star, Ken Ehrlich, Claire Filmon, Arianne Hoffman, Yuchen Li, Alisa Margolis, Jonas Marx, Anike Joyce Sadiq & André Mulzer, Gilles Vandaele, Mirte van den Bos, Arjan Van Helmond, Rezi van Lankveld, Jeremy Woodruff

Talk with Christophe Busch and Jeremiah Day: Drawing on the writings of Hannah Arendt, Busch and Day will discuss the author’s insights in light of contemporary challenges. Thursday, June 10, 7–8pm CEST. Online on Zoom.

Logomotion workshop with Claire Filmon: In this workshop we explore in four sessions the logomotion method of Simone Forti. Improvising, moving, writing, speaking. Saturday, June 19, Sunday, June 20, Saturday, June 26, Sunday, June 27. 3–5:30pm CEST.

Citoyenne Reprise is part of The Astronaut Metaphor, an evolving programme on politics, aesthetics and the human. What is the position and role that artists, writers, thinkers and institutions and their responsive practices can take up within a complex public sphere? With this programme, devised as a series of long-term commissions, Netwerk Aalst wishes to understand what an integral support for artists can entail, how we can rethink the institution departing from the needs and wishes of artistic practices holding the here and now of Aalst as its compass.