press release

For the first time in Argentina and Latin America, Fundación Proa, together with the State Russian Museum, presents an exhibition devoted to the full scope of the life and works of Kazimir Malevich (Kiev, 1878 / Leningrad, 1935), radical artist, influential theorist and fundamental figure to understand the new artistic currents of the 21st century.

The exhibition, curated by specialist Eugenia Petrova, offers a complete view of the artists' career, bringing together the initial symbolist paintings, the Cubo-Futurist works, the extraordinary art pieces portraying peasant life and urban landscapes, and the artists' famous portraits and singular geometric figures. It comprises some of his most renowned abstract works (such as the Black Circle, Black Square, and Black Cross), productions of his later iconic Suprematist period (Sportsmen, Red Cavalry) and even his "architektons" and porcelains, key elements to grasp Malevich's revolutionary projects both in art and in life.

The exhibition is furthered enriched with an extensive archive about the development and context of the Suprematist movement and an exhaustive documental material from Professor Kiblitsky, who recreates, for the first time, the Futurist Opera "Victory over the Sun," with 15 garments that Malevich designed for that play (whose video will be presented in the Auditorium)