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GAMeC hosts Inter pares by Belgian artist Kris Martin, curated by Alessandro Rabottini, as part of the program of Eldorado, the project room dedicated to the most interesting rising artists on the international scene.

After his participation in the Berlin Biennial in 2006 and his recent solo exhibition at PS1 in New York in 2007, Kris Martin (Kortrijk, 1972) has attracted international attention thanks to the originality of his art that combines poetry, conceptual rigor and philosophical and literary memories.

His work reflects the existential questions that are fed by each human being throughout his existence and frequent references are made to religion, art and literature to express the constant amazement, melancholy and aspiration to knowledge that characterize our relationship with life and death.

The three spaces that constitute this exhibition conceived for GAMeC are also stages in an internal journey that touches the human need for awareness and the sense of frustration that is accompanied by hope and mystery, compassion and the perception of a common destination. In the first room are two sculptures from the Idiot series: Idiot III of 2006 and Idiot V of 2007. In both cases the symbols and icons of religiousness are caught in the act of closing into themselves, in a moment of aphasia and suspension. In the second space the spectator is fully immersed in a kind of collective portrait of a human genre and in the last room the protagonist is a sound installation in which a women’s voice whispers a question that is banal, yet vital, in its commonplaceness.

Completing Kris Martin’s exhibition is a publication by the artist conceived and designed by himself and realized in collaboration with Mousse magazine, and which contains a text by Martin Herbert and a conversation between the artist and Alessandro Rabottini, exhibition curator.

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Kris Martin: Inter pares

Kurator: Alessandro Rabottini