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Gallery Soulflower is delighted to announce an ambitious and provocative project by KRISTIAN VON HORNSLETH, the artist from Denmark.

Live Event for one day only. Please join us for cocktails and sushi

Now on for one more day. Thursday 12 March 2009, from 5.00pm RSVP: Ms. Oui +662 630 0032

The artist will be present along with a live television team from Denmark, who will document the whole process.


Kristian von Hornsleth’s upcoming project "Deep Storage Project", will give all Hornsleth-lovers the opportunity to live forever.

In November 2009 a gigantic sculpture with the measures 5 x 5 x 5 meter will be put down into the 11 kilometer deep Marianer grave, between Japan and The Philippines. The sculpture, which is being made in a special resistant shape, will contain thousands of DNA samples from declared Hornsleth-lovers.

The artwork Deep Storage takes place in the idea of re-production and eternal life. Imaging that this sculpture is found by creatures of the future and that the DNA samples will be used to create new human beings. What connects these people, and what are the criteria of selection?

Another important element in Deep Storage is the impact it will have on the participants. Some of them are lying there in the scariest, dark and far away from home places in the world. Somewhere between the bottom of the sea the DNA will exist and that can become a constant source of disturbia, thoughtfulness and mind confusing for the participants.


1. Give a drop-sample of one`s blood to be saved in the Deep Storage Project. 2. Sign and put another drop of your blood on a Deep Storage declaration. 3. The Declarations are signed and numbered by Hornsleth 4. The declarations are art pieces for the donor. 5. Each declaration can either be a paper certificate for free or a painting at various prices.

ABOUT THE ARTIST Kristian von Hornsleth, born 1963, lives and works in Copenhagen. He is known for creating art about branding and identity and his paintings with his name writing across the middle is in over 1000 homes in Denmark and around the world. His Africa-project, in which an African village changed all their names to Hornsleth and in exchange received an a pig or a goat, made headlines all over the world and the village has even been visited by Prince Charles of England. Hornsleths weapon stock market work called The Hornsleth Arms Investment Project, focuses on human relations to cruelty and evil, that exist in every part of the accepted capitalism. Furthermore Hornsleth is known for his many brandings of consumer items on everything from Lamborghinis to porno films and in every sense the question of whether publicity is more important than the product itself.

There is no product, there is only marketing… Kristian von Hornsleth

Hornsleth is collecting blood By art historian Wolf-Günther Thiel

What does it mean when artists begin to define themselves by collecting objects, rather than creating them? Artists simulate scientific research by exhibiting things they have gathered, categorized, documented, counted, archived, stacked and stored by analogical thinking as Michel Foucault puts it. Others are documenting, counting, and archiving aspects of their lives and making objects that record these processes. Kristian von Hornsleth plays on this idea and deconstructs it by mystification of the act of archiving as well as storing the archives. The idea is to create a story like Homers Ellias and make people part of that story which people may tell in the future to understand our times from a future perspective. Hornsleth claims the position of an artist as an "Übermensch".

Kristian von Hornsleth is collecting blood and DNA of people who are dedicated Hornsleth art lovers. In earlier times of civilization we would call it a tribal ritus in order to manifest their existence in a far away mythological future: A tribal ritus of the Hornsleth tribeThe wish is the documentation of existence as deep storage of DNA as part of the individual blood proof. The technological believe in progressive natural sciences evokes the idea of another cycle of existence in a far away future. The believe is that future science can evoke the today human individual through their DNA. Hornsleth himself speaks of this possibility of a second existence. Earlier civilizations would have respected an approach like this as "übermenschlich".

Friedrich Nietzsche, the german philosopher. wrote 1883 the book: Thus Spoke Zarathustra. The book`s protagonist, Zarathustra, contends that "man is something which ought to be overcome:"All beings so far have created something beyond themselves; and do you want to be the ebb of this great flood and even go back to the beasts rather than overcome man?" Übermensch. Zarathustra first announces the Übermensch as a goal humanity can set for itself. All human life would be given meaning by how it advanced a new generation of human beings. The modern idea of all men are created equal and the base of modern idea of democratic rights are clearly contradicted by Nietzsches approach.

Another aspect of Nietzsches concepts is of importance to the understanding of Hornsleth’s "deep storage" project: The eternal recurrence of the same. We like to understand this concept like this: The eternal recurrence replaces the Übermensch as the object of serious aspiration. The Übermensch lies in the future — no historical figures have ever been Übermenschen — and so still represents a sort of eschatological redemption in some future time. This promise of being part of this future time and existence is the promise Hornsleth suggests. Hornsleth and his own created mystical mythology hints clearly at Nietzsches concepts and suggests a way out of the contemporary disasters of modern times and their human individuals. This will be documented or monumented through the "deep storage project." It will be stored at one of the deepest place on earth the "marianer grave". At the same time as it is a sign for "memento mori" it is a sign for future believes in individual existences.

Kristian von Hornsleth
Live-forever - I put your blood in the mariana trench