press release

Catching the Axis – between the Sky and the Earth
August 20 – September 20, 2016
Daringanga Sum /Southeast Gobi, Mongolia (August 20-30, 2016)
Ulaanbaatar/Mongolia: Statehood Museum, Ulaanbaatar and UMA Gallery, Ulaanbaatar


LAM 360° will be held in Mongolia in 2016 for the 4th time.
Among the multitude of Biennials worldwide, LAM 360° is the only Biennial focusing solely on Land Art as an artistic means — though contemporary in its alignment and discursive with the ideas of art in a nature’s context!

LAM 360° is an independent international NGO-run art project in Mongolia, representing the develop­ment of contemporary art in the country with its formats and international participation: it is expressly committed by Mongolian government institutions. For many people, the pristine nature in Mongolia has become a place of longing. Here, the 4th edition of the biennial would like to set a mark with international artistic interventions on a specific theme and transfer them from this very special setting into the world.

This year’s venue is curated by Rome-based Valentina Gioia Levy (for non-Mongolian artists) and Odgerel Odonchimed/Mongolian Arts Council, Ulaanbaatar (for Mongolian artists). As in the venues be­fore, it will be divided into two parts: one is the 10 days work camp in the countryside, the other its visu­alization to the public in exhibitions in Ulaanbaatar.

At the previous venues, the focus was laid on the relationship of environment and natural resources (2010), art and politics (2012), on humans and animals in relation to a technological world and dominat­ed by the constraint of modern civilization (2014); this 2016 venue is decidedly focusing on spiritual themes: shamanistic values, almost forgotten forms of knowledge interweaving with contemporary site-specific art! There is hardly a better place to realize this besides of Mongolia!

September 1 Conference | Academy of Science || September 2 Opening Reception | The Statehood History Museum of Mongolia || September 3 Opening at the UMA Art Gallery, Peace Avenue || (exact dates of these venues in Ulaanbaatar will follow)