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Galleri Christina Wilson is happy to present American artist Les Rogers (*1966) to the Danish and European audience.

Les Rogers’ paintings appear very powerful and are at the same time both chaotic and controlled. Rogers’ creates his paintings in an application of a number of different layers carefully put together one on top of the other. Still the layers show no immediate interconnection. They are often very colourful and with separate references. At first glance it seems impossible to separate these different layers to reveal their origin. Many different styles and techniques are used even within the same painting; forcible intertwined curved lines may rest on a beautiful and calm background. Abstract and figurative elements appear side by side. A painting will therefore often carry references to not one but many different styles in one.

With no easy way to decode these cultural compilations, the paintings seem to contain split personalities. But little by little the elements may be recognized, and the motifs reveal specific references to both history of art and popular culture. Rogers’ paintings become both mythical and overwhelming, as you are drawn into to this storm of information fragments with no simple way out.

Les Rogers’ very characteristic visual style also makes it easy to recognize. Rogers obviously makes use of both the history of art and culture in general, as they are stacked on top of each other in frenetic strokes. Zooming in on selected details they are enlarged to the point where they become unrecognizable. Other parts appear with a calming distance making them easier to decode. With the variations in both style and pace, Les Rogers’ works are not hard to appreciate as products of restless and information packed times.

Les Rogers lives and works in New York. He holds a degree from Rhode Island School of Design. Rogers have had several solo exhibitions including recent gallery shows in Germany, Greece and the United States.

Les Rogers will be present at the opening and may be contacted through the gallery for interviews.


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