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Liisa Lounila
28 February - 26 July 2020

As one of Finland’s most intriguing artists, Liisa Lounila (born in 1976) is best known for her poetic investigation of our understanding of time and being. Her solo show SHADOW ZONE seeks to expose the unleashed and unpredicted, something that is in the shadows, beyond human control. Lounila draws inspiration from her travels and her personal experience of nature, and more broadly, by popular culture and visual art.

SHADOW ZONE features a selection of her media and object art from 2008 to 2020, ranging from video art, sound installations, sculptures and assemblages, and premiering her first virtual reality installation 'Comfort Zone' (2020). In 'Comfort Zone', the artist takes inspiration from New York City, bridging space and time – the past from her former place of residence and the present in Finland.

A sense of nostalgia and timelessness runs through Lounila’s body of work, characterized by a calculated aloofness and technical precision.

Curated by Kiasma director Leevi Haapala, Piia Oksanen & Jari-Pekka Vanhala