press release

The CDAN will be among the Spanish centres presenting the project Heresies by the artist Pedro Meyer, a show that will be running simultaneously in 100 museums all over the world thanks to the use of new technologies. Moreover, the Chilean artist Magdalena Correa examines La desaparición. Travesía del desierto: del Gobi a Atacama (Disappearance. Crossing the desert: from the Gobi to the Atacama), a depiction of the territory through desert landscapes, arising from a co-production of the CDAN and Casa Asia. Both exhibitions are part of the Ibero-American Year promoted by the Ministry of Culture.

Pedro Meyer. Heresies

On October 3rd the CDAN will be presenting Heresies by Pedro Meyer, one of the most innovative photographers in the international art world. The project features photographic work spanning five decades. Two questions stem from this approach to the museum: What are photography exhibitions now? What will they be like in the future?

Pedro Meyer undertakes a project in which all his pictures are online and shown through the use of electronic media. This facilitates the presentation of large scale prints alongside new technological elements such as multimedia digital galleries integrating text, images and audio; the use of the iPhone and the iPod to download video and audio; and networking among the 100 participating museums and between the museums and their visitors.

Heresies is an outcome of CDAN's participation with the Huesca Peripheries festival.

Magdalena Correa. Disappearance. Crossing the desert: from the Gobi to the Atacama

Starting October 10th, 2008 the Chilean photographer Magdalena Correa will be presenting her latest artistic project co-produced by the Casa Asia and the CDAN. Whereas in her previous work, titled Austral, the artist was interested in Patagonia, in this new project she explores the landscapes of the Gobi (China and Mongolia) and Atacama (Chile) deserts.

The roots of this work can be found in the artist's interest in the toponymic figure of the "desert" and its different variables. The project began with an expedition to the Gobi in July 2006, which continued in Atacama in December of that same year.

The initial intention was to carry out a comparative study of both deserts by investigating their most evident characteristics. The incorporation of these geographies into her work increased the contribution the artist began several years ago by producing records of urban architectures which she subsequently counterpoised with desolate landscapes. Magdalena Correa explains that she wishes to "explore and reveal the isolation, the disregard of and monumentality of both deserts and the relation of man to his habitat, and to demonstrate man's naïve and savage appropriation of his environment, in an effort to achieve a unique identity".

After its run at the CDAN, the exhibition will travel to Madrid, New York, São Paulo, Santiago de Chile and Beijing.

Magdalena Correa and Pedro Meyer at the CDAN