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Ever since she first started exhibiting her photos in the late 1990s, Marder has explored the psychosexual undertow of her own intimate relationships, frequently ‘shooting herself along with family and friends in close quarters (including pay-by-the-hour motels) and, usually, undressed. Her work flirts with prurience, with ideas of privacy and surveillance, eroticism and pornography, and the complications of love.

Marder’s most recent project, titled ‘Anatomy’, has been photographing call girls and their customers in a brothel in Rotterdam in the Netherlands.

Carnal Knowledge, which will be published in May by Violette Editions, includes 70 works by Marder and features a preface by Gregory Crewdson, a text by novelist James Ellroy, short stories inspired by Marder’s works by A.M. Homes, James Frey and Bruce Wagner, and a written and photographic correspondence between Marder and Philip-Lorca diCorcia.

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Malerie Marder
Carnal Knowledge