press release

MALM 1 is a presentation of contemporary art from our own part of the world. Every other year Malmö Konsthall will present an exhibition with art from both sides of the Öresund strait. Artists are invited to present new works so that we here in our own region can have a wider glimpse of the dynamic and exciting art scene which is immediately around us and which so many others in the whole world are displaying and talking about. The exhibition series functions like a relay race in which artists from the most recent exhibition each select a participant for the next one. To start off the relay, we have had the assistance of six artists who have had exhibitions at Malmö Konsthall in recent years: Magnus Wallin, Lena Mattsson, Axel Lieber, Mads Gamdrup, Georg Oddner and Kirsten Ortwed. These six artists have agreed to choose two artists each for the exhibition. Below are presented the 12 artists for the first exhibition, which has been entitled MALM 1 (Malm is the Swedish word for ore, a source of valuable elements or minerals). The exhibition will recur every other year, and the first instalment is at the same time a way to celebrate the centenary of Skånes Konstförening.


Contemporary Art from the Öresund Region

mit Eric Andersen, Martin Erik Andersen, Nathalie Djurberg, Keld Helmer-Petersen, Lisa Jeannin, Jesper Just, Peter Land, Tova Mozard, Johan Röing, John Skoog, Astrid Svangren, Kristine Vaaben