press release

Margaret Salmon: Monument

Margaret Salmon creates films, photographs, and objects that weave together poetry and non-fiction. Often focusing on individuals in their everyday activities, her work captures the minutiae of daily life and infuses them with gentle grandeur, touching upon universal human themes.

In her exhibition Monument, Salmon presents two new complementary film installations that explore questions of masculinity as well as a series of smaller objects and photographs. The 35mm film projection Boy (winter) (2022) portrays various children in Glasgow in the stages of physical and psychological development, from infant to teenager; the second work, Study for a Film About Monuments (2023), displayed as an installation with five monitors, originally shot on 35mm film, focuses on grownup men as well as a series of silent film studies, including a World War I memorial in Penpont, Scotland.

In calm and static black-and-white shots composed in a non-narrative sequential structure, Boy (winter) seeks to limn a different kind of image that resists both the prevailing idea of masculinity and the regime of the gaze and visual representation bound up with it. The scenes are based on an extended process of growing familiarity, observation, and creative collaboration with the subjects, which is essential to Salmon’s realist approach. The works reflect a line of research that has long defined the artist’s feminist practice: the study of gendered dynamics experienced in everyday life and expressed through the body and culture.

Margaret Salmon was born in Suffern, N.Y., in 1975 and lives and works in Glasgow, Scotland.

Programmed by the board of the Secession.
Curated by Annette Südbeck.