press release

The exhibition on view at Galerie Catherine Bastide includes works by Julien Bismuth (FR), Jean-Pascal Flavien (FR) , Geert Goiris (BE), Ed Johnson (US), Helen Marten (UK), Matthew Metzger (US), Leigh-Ann Pahapill (CA), Valerie Snobeck (US), Catherine Sullivan (US), and Emily Wardill (UK).

On view are works in diverse media including sculpture, photography, film, video, painting and graphics. The title for the exhibition is customized to suit an ensemble of works selected between Catherine Bastide and Catherine Sullivan. The two were interested in the peculiar temporality of the work and the compelling ways in which two-dimensional or pictorial form is transformed into something fugitive and psychically charged.

Many of these works employ a dissociative logic. Images are not found where we expect them, mirrors do and do not create metaphors, familiar things like curtains become as discursively useful as they are spatially genteel. Empty surfaces become elaborate because the images they might project are partnered between the viewer and the culture. Vacancies and disruptions in the image correlate to unexpressed emotional anxieties felt by individuals in the social and economic spheres of life. Several works are suspenseful because they invite the viewer to relocate the transient, dissociated, fugitive image as a series of episodes in real time. Each work seems to have a pronounced desire to engage the viewer in a protracted and irregular encounter with the object and/or to engage the viewer in a kind of dissociative reverie for something in the culture that has perhaps become habituated and rehearsed.

The installation hopes to animate the spatial flexibility of the work and the remarkable regard the artists show for a perceptually precise dialogue with the viewer.

Mirages, Fountains & Dissociative Composition

Künstler: Julien Bismuth, Jean-Pascal Flavien, Geert Goiris, Ed Johnson, Helen Marten, Matthew Metzger, Leigh-Ann Pahapill, Valerie Snobeck, Catherine Sullivan, Emily Wardill.