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Auguste Rodin, Jacques Lipchitz and Henry Moore each championed sculptural innovations in European modernism and challenged notions of representation that had informed Western art since the Renaissance. From the last quarter of the nineteenth to the middle of the twentieth century, they reinvigorated the figurative academic tradition. At the same time, each also developed individual styles that addressed broader artistic movements of the period: the realism of Rodin, the cubism of Lipchitz, and the surrealism of Moore. While graphically demonstrating important changes in style from one artist to the other, Revisions also focuses on the shared choices of subjects and themes among all three. This exhibition draws from the Smart Museum’s rich holdings of bronzes as well as sculptures in other materials by these leading European masters of early modernism.

Curator: Richard A. Born, Smart Museum Senior Curator.


Revisions: Modernist Sculptures by Rodin, Lipchitz, and Moore
Kurator: Richard A. Born

Werke von Auguste Rodin, Jacques Lipchitz, Henry Moore