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Sladen says that "the exhibition includes artists whose work addresses the monumental urge and features a range of images of monuments, proposals for monuments as well as actual monuments themselves". Notable pieces include large fragments of a reconstruction of the Statue of Liberty by Danh Vo and a major architectural work created especially for the gardens at Lismore Castle by Pablo Bronstein.

Sladen was previously Director of Kunsthalle Charlottenburg and Director of Exhibitions at ICA London. He was a judge for the 2012 Turner Prize.

A catalogue co-published with Mousse Magazine will be available in summer 2013.

Sladen has chosen an exciting list of artists for the annual international exhibition at Lismore Castle Arts. Pablo Bronstein Iman Issa Aleksandra Mir Yorgos Sapountzis Danh Vo

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Kurator: Mark Sladen

Künstler: Pablo Bronstein, Iman Issa, Aleksandra Mir, Yorgos Sapountzis, Danh Vo