press release

New Magical Realism at The Minories Galleries
07.09.2019 - 30.09.2019

06.09.2019 18:00 - 21:00

Fia Cielen, Anton Cotteleer, Tim Dodds, Micha Eden Erdész, Jef Gysen, Evelien Gysen, Andrea Hanak, Aleksei Kazantsev, Besmir Latifi, Elke Lutgerink, Alex McLean, Warre Mulder, Anna Sokolova, Angela Stauber

Micha Eden Erdész

New Magical Realism is an exhibition by European painters, sculptors and installation artists exploring a tension, life and approach to the subject matter between the Magic and the Real of Magical Realism in works over two-floors of the Minories' Grade II Tudor site.

The premise is a critique of realities, as the artists know it, by way of invoking alterity - a shift in the perspective of this world - through artistic interference; aesthetic, political, ideological, religious, provocative and ameliorative ends.As Colchester, uncomfortably, stacks a history of Boudicca against the central backdrop of Roman British life, the artists of New Magical Realism are similarly charged with the metaphor of recasting Celtic rebel Boudicca against a backdrop of European ascendency.

Taking post-modern literature as a starting point, Zenia’s character in Margaret Atwood’s ‘The Robber Bride’ (1993), is introduced visually as an image reflected in a smoky mirror, whose multiple and 'forever shape-shifting character functions as a catalyst for new and re-emergent traumas.' (Vickroy cited in Bouson 2010: 23)

From a European philosophical tradition, the Real is interpreted as a Romantic infinite, absolute or thing-in-itself - Das Ding an Sich. In the same way that the Real of Zenia’s truth, as a character, is eclipsed by Atwood’s compulsion to communicate subversive Magical narrative forces, so New Magical Realism purveys a multiplicity of forces upturning the natural order, like myth, fable and allegory.