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Annie Davey makes videos that use empirical research to take irreverent, sideway views of situations of deemed cultural importance, for example the former site of Black Mountain College, USA (now a Christian summer camp for boys) or the coffee table book reality of Unite D’Habitation in Marseille (Too Cool for Corby, 2013). Both employ the train of thought, shifts of perspective and a lite, stripped back narrative to gently seduce the viewer whilst undermining established paradigms. At Lobe she has been interested in the historical and contemporary relationships between holidays and artist residencies, with their shared promise of reflection, immersion, escape and, sometimes, sex. Here she has fictionalised an amateur tourist video made in Berlin in 1989 by a group of American teenage boys to play out the conflicts between artist resident and tourist, cultural appreciation and bodily desire. Nika Radić questions, if art is really in the eye of the beholder or is it in the creative process? Can an artist really determine what the viewer will see when looking at a finished artwork? Nika Radić has made a geometric installation in the back room of the LoBe gallery that resorts to her early work she has done after studying sculpture at the modernistic oriented art academy in Zagreb. Such an abstract work will necessarily have a different meaning in a different time and context, so Radić has invited Annie Davey to give her interpretation of the piece and has, afterwards, changed it according to the new interpretation.

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Nika Radić & Annie Davey

Nika Radic, Annie Davey

Elke Falat & Olivia Reynolds