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Preview Thursday January 17th 2008 - 6pm – 8pm

Apartment is delighted to announce Horst the first UK solo exhibition of German artist Nikola Irmer. Irmer studied Fine Art at Glasgow School of Art and at Hunter College, New York. She now lives in and works in Berlin. Her practice investigates the complexities and revelations of the artist/model relationship; Irmer seeks out her models through the distribution of flyers, and the placement of advertisements in the personal columns of local newspapers. What begins as a simple exchange has the potential to develop into a collaborative relationship which creates sensitive and revealing portraits of unexpected subjects.

Horst is a sixty year old, 18 stone, drag queen whose unusual response to one of Nikola’s advertisements initiated a three year collaboration. A series of these paintings will be shown at Apartment. The paintings depict Horst’s creation of a spectacular drag persona; the domestic context of Apartment facilitates an interesting intimacy to the experience of the work that delves into this private transformative process.

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Nikola Irmer