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CA2M Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo presents on March 15 the exhibition No heroics, please. Iván Argote, Sara Ramo & Teresa Solar Abboud. Curated by Tania Pardo, the exhibition focuses on the idea of the demystification of the creative act, and the importance of the daily facts considered as daily militancy. The show is conceived as a set of three: the solo exhibitions of Iván Argote (Bogotá, 1983), of Sara Ramo (Madrid, 1975) and of Teresa Solar Abboud (Madrid, 1985); three narratives gestated as independent stories joined together by a subtle common motto under the same title. Three stories, where the poetic narrative has left behind the questioning about major heroics to approach us to particular territories.

No Heroics, Please is the title of a posthumous compilation of short stories written by the American novelist and poet Raymond Carver during his youth, who understood that the value of the writing lies on the daily happenings. The exhibition, titled as his book, focuses on the idea of the demystification of the creative act, considering that the artistic creation is a heroic and claiming act, in this case, for the importance of the daily actions considered as daily militancy. Three particular stories, where each of the artists speak through their work about the fact of changing reality into fiction, subverting it, switching it, inventing it and, even, overcoming it.

In this tri-solo exhibition, the show also introduces highly distinct matters: from the absurd and the alteration of the established order in Ivan Argote's work, who proposes to live new experiences by carrying out specific shared actions. In this occasion, the action consists on celebrating every day, for the period of the exhibition, the birthday of a person in one of the galleries of the exhibition. This action emphasizes the idea of celebrating the passage of time as a common and private ritual, which introduces the audience as the real protagonist.

The transformation of the places is emphasized within Sara Ramo's art work who has created a specific installation which ironically plays with the idea of symptom by displaying a big structure made of different building materials and understood as an architectonical monster, referring to the Benjaminian idea of the modern city which is, at the same time, a contemporary ruin.

And, finally, the investigation process and the overlapping of spaces by Teresa Solar Abboud, who reflects about the language learning process and the importance of communication through the repetition of images already created.

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No heroics, please

Ivan Argote, Sara Ramo, Teresa Solar Abboud

Tania Pardo