press release

Somewhere and nowhere places no frontiers... This is the title of the newest exhibition. Extraordinary exhibition, which screams with voices of seven distinguished artists from Central Europe: Jaroslaw Modzelewski, Kristof Kintera, Marek Meduna, Jiri David, Grzegorz Sztwiertnia, Denisa Lehocka and Jiri Kovanda. Which talks about faith for better life, about the everyday greyness, about the reality from where it is hard to get out. Situations well known to all the world. Everybody knows, at least by sight, estates of grey block of flats. Anonymous cubes divided into tiny appartments. Sometimes multigenerational families living there and gathering around one table, sometimes people divided from their relatives by invisible walls of bad fortune. Jiri Kovanda in his installation refers exactly to this kind of situation.

All of us know the sight of teenagers gadding around courtyards. Making part of various subcultures and protesting about the life's greyness. All of us, but especially those who even passed thru this part of Europe. Inspired with their art Marek Meduna occurs in opposition to ostensible beauty, exteriority and extinguishing of beauty. Everybody have heard about tragedies. About children made to grow up earlier, who instead of a "sweet touch" know only sadness and emptyness. Children, who are not innocent, don't know what beauty is, who like the boy from Jiri David's pictures take a gun instead of a flower. Everybody know soundsless films, played on screens of window glasses. No, it's not peeping, it's just hard not to see, not to notice. There are some situations and places which seem to be with no way out. Paralysed dog from the painting of Jaroslaw Modzelewski, thanks to human help can run again. This dog is a symbol of hope. The hope what we can not leave. Nowhere and never.

only in german places no frontiers...

Künstler: Kristof Kintera, Jiri Kovanda, Denisa Lehocka, Marek Meduna, Jaroslaw Modzelewski, Jiri David, Grzegorz Sztwiertnia