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Passwords aims to show and document the many lines of criticism and artistic creation based on feminist viewpoints that have been developed in an audiovisual format since the 1960s. The project's goal is to reveal, question and refute the sexist mechanisms and undercurrent present in mainstream artistic iconography concerning women and femininity.

"Stowaways" is about the embarrassing, the hidden, the uncool, and the cool to catch up to. These videos are about what we do not want to think about or what we think about and do not want or what we think about and you haven't thought about yet. The transformation of powerlessness into power by showing. [...] "No group show is a justified presentation of gender, sexuality or identity. An artist curator is not a normal curator. I wanted a loose combination, I did not want something definitive, I wanted the audience to be mildly entertained and slowly drawn into some of the videos and I wanted the selection to have enough absence of sense to be truthful".

Curated by Elke Krystufek

only in german

PASSWORDS 8. STOWAWAYS. Hidden Passengers in Contemporary Art, 2000-2009.
Kurator: Elke Krystufek

Künstler: Uli Aigner, Andrea Bowers, Patty Chang, Annette Hollywood, Katarzyna Kozyra, Christina Lammer, Karl Leitgeb, Sands Murray-Wassink.