press release

For the eighth time, Playground is exploring the captivating zone between various artistic disciplines. The silent aspect of the visual arts contrasts with the public nature of the shared live performance. Artists reflect on the ways they might transform their visual vocabulary within the parameters of time and space on the stage. Many of the performances invite you to question and explore themes and (artistic) objects in unusual, unconventional ways. Action or interaction predominates over the objective nature of what is presented.

In the new creation for Playground 'That's it' (+ 3 free minutes) Joëlle Tuerlinckx transfers her visual universe into a performance experience that blends text, image and sound. M Museum presents a new commission by Alexandra Pirici & Manuel Pelmus. Public Collection uses enactment as a strategy to demonumentalize and actualize artworks using only a few human bodies. The performances by Béatrice Balcou bring intimate ceremonies for one single artwork. At STUK, Meryem Bayram presents a scenography that focuses on the mobile installation of large pop-up shapes. For the fourth time Playground presents unique performances by Guy de Cointet where objects, text, colours and forms result in absurd stories about everyday events. Two artists, Ellie Ga and Markus Schinwald, are presenting both an extensive exhibition at M and a live performance at STUK. Playground also presents works by Alexandre Singh, Paul Hendrikse, Julian Hetzel and Marthe Ramm Fortun.

The opening night on November 13 offers a double bill evening in M and STUK where several performances can be combined in a unique joint programme.

Playground is curated by Eva Wittocx and Steven Vandervelden.

The performance of Joëlle Tuerlinckx is commissioned and produced by Corpus, international network for performance practice. Corpus is co-founded by If I Can't Dance, Amsterdam, Playground (STUK & M), Leuven and Tate Modern, London, and is supported by the Culture Programme of the European Union.