press release

The exhibition "Pleated Blinds" offers an international perspective on the status of photography and the intricate nature of representation in the contemporary cultural sphere. It focuses on self-referential contemporary photographic practices addressing their own processes, actions, materials, and contexts.

The exhibition is centered on disruption of photography's quintessential technical and material difference which sets it apart from any other artistic medium. It engages in deconstruction of photography's essentialist definitions, while challenging prevalent perceptions regarding photography as a documentary tool which records and reflects reality, thereby revealing other facets of photography as a mechanism of camouflage which generates blindness and promotes blurring and ambiguity.

Instead of relying on photography as a technology of representation, the works in the exhibition push the photographic frame to its edges, to its built-in cutting and fragmentation. They explore its relationship with that which remains outside the frame, with an exterior which return to the surface as absolute otherness, a non-assimilable sign. The featured works explore the status of the photographic image as such, as any other image—a representation, a sign of presence, of absence. The works represent their processes of formation, and each work is experienced as the sum total or a sequence of an interrupted and continuous sequence, of acts and situations.

On the whole, the exhibition rekindles the discussion of the identity, status, and state of the photographic medium in contemporary art, vis-à-vis the many changes that have occurred in it as a result of technological developments. It features photographic, cinematic and video works by Israeli and international artists.

Pleated Blinds
Kurator: Ori Dessau

Künstler: Aïm Deüelle Lüski, Efrat Shalem, Allora & Calzadilla, Moshe Ninio, Shannon Ebner, Stan Brakhage, Thomas Demand, Thomas Ruff, Walead Beshty, Wolfgang Tillmans, Yanai Toister