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Christina Reenberg Jensen combines performance and sculpture into her photographic work. Jensen's images question perceptions of reality. Using familiar and ordinary objects as props she creates images that require us to decipher the situation and the content. A paper lampshade becomes a large sun, a paper mache sculpture a floating cloud.

Laura Aldridge is interested in the possibilities of sculpture and the presentation of art work. For this exhibition Aldridge will treat markets gallery wall as a sculptural space for the display of presentational elements and informational material. Displayed on an immersive and confrontational ground of washy painterly pattern, these elements aim to suggest the experiential qualities of art as always loaded by the polemical or the contingent.

Clodagh Emoe renders intricate drawings and sculptures that explore and critique questions of our existence. Using obsessive activities much like a medieval cartographer Emoe’s work balances precariously between the romantic and the ridiculous as she examines our persistant endeavour to give meaning and structure to our position in the world.

Sarah Forrest creates intricate structures both on paper and three dimensionally that relate to one another. The structures appear unbalanced, the marks ambiguous we are left questioning their role and function.

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Christina Reenberg Jensen, Laura Aldridge, Clodagh Emoe, Sarah Forrest