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As part of the project "Sixty Years of Art in Israel", six major Israeli museums are each presenting artwork from one of the decades of the nation’s history. The Museum’s exhibition, which presents a comprehensive survey of Israeli art from the past ten years, includes pieces by some forty artists working in the mediums of painting, sculpture, photography, video, and installation; among these works are several created especially for the exhibition. All the artists featured here made their debut on the artistic scene within the last decade, bringing with them a new creative spirit. Dread of global catastrophe and a yearning to escape to distant borders – real or imagined – characterize many of their works. The artists seem to be seeking refuge in wild, primordial, or sublime landscapes and in fantastic, mythological worlds. Those works that do deal with local contexts do so either from above, framing the political present in mythical time, or by revealing dark undercurrents hidden beneath the impassive surface of Israeli society. The exhibition comprises works by artists such as Sigalit Landau, Yehudit Sasportas, Guy Ben-Ner, Adi Nes, Gal Weinstein, Eliezer Sonnenschein, Zoya Cherkassky, Yael Bartana, and Gil Marco Shani.

Curators: Amitai Mendelsohn, Curator of Israeli Art, the Israel Museum, Jerusalem Efrat Natan, Guest Curator

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Real Time: Art in Israel 1998–2008
Kuratoren: Amitai Mendelsohn, Efrat Natan

mit Yael Bartana, Guy Ben-Ner, Zoya Cherkassky, Sigalit Landau, Adi Nes, Yehudit Sasportas, Gil Marco Shani, Eliezer Sonnenschein, Gal Weinstein