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Taking place in 5 destinations (Istanbul, Plovdiv, Athens, Skopje, Prishtina) RE_LOCATE aims to address the historical fact of compulsory population exchanges in the Balkan region, which took place between two world wars and after, changing borders and possibilities to create new bonds through artistic dialogue. The shared history within the chosen regions; Istanbul (Turkey), Plovdiv (Bulgaria), Athens (Greece), Skopje (Macedonia) and Prishtina (Kosovo) provides a basis to establish a mutual platform to research both about common history and develop a cultural understanding on various levels. The conceptual framework of RE_LOCATE was developed by Apartment Project Istanbul and is divided into two parts: in the first phase the artsits undertake a collective exercise by travelling by bus and train through the Balkans. An experimental workshop involving different ideas emanating from the collective, different experiences brought on by being together and sharing, various narratives using different materials and drawings, photographs, videos, texts and talks produced in places visited. The second phase of the project will be hosted by Apartment Project in Istanbul in July 2011 with resident artists from countries visited: Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia and Kosovo. Finally an exhibition will be realized in Istanbul as a collateral event of the 12th Istanbul Biennial in September and October 2011. Thus RE_LOCATE project endeavors to establish a cultural network on contemporary arts and series of art events to facilitate awareness in the region.

Project partners: Apartment Project Istanbul, Art Today Association Plovdiv, Nova Melanchoia Athens, Line Initiative Skopje, Stacion - Centre for Contemporary Art Prishtina

Veranstaltungsstätte: Apartment Project Istanbul / Art Today Association - Center for Contemporary Art, Plovdiv

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Ort: Apartment Project Istanbul
Kuratoren: Selda Asal, Gökce Süvari, Jakob Racek

Künstler: Ilgin Seymen, Gökce Süvari, Mehmet Dere, Selda Asal, Suat Ögüt, Zeyno Pekünlü, HaZaVuZu  (Günes Terkol, Sukru Ozgur Erkok, Zeynep Beler)