press release

The Peter Kilchmann Gallery is pleased to announce the 5th solo exhibition with new works by Rita Ackerman (1968 in Budapest, lives and works in New York). In the context of the exhibitioncourt toujours*, the artist shows new drawings and new paintings. The following text was written by the artist:

a lost ball a lost game a lost set a lost match from all points there is the chance of the turning point with resistant consistency of keeping the ball in the air with surety of wanting to win and what comes after winning a match? another match with the other winner.

the looser has to collect her strength; she has lost not against her partner but against her will to win. if she doesn’t know surely that she wants to win even if she thinks she knows she will be paralyzed. she will be not there where her body is fighting to participate in the game if time stand still in her head that means she has lost control over the seconds she lost control over a ball she has lost control over the game she has lost control over the set she has lost control over the match.


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Rita Ackermann
Court Toujours