press release

Sensing Nature from Within
Moderna Museet Malmö, 28.9, 2019-8.3, 2020

September 28 marks the start of Moderna Museet Malmö’s extensive project, Sensing Nature from Within. Combining art and philosophy and freely inspired by new and old insights into life and matter, the project reflects aspects of the growing search beyond our exploitative culture, towards a new code of ethics. Twelve international artists and artist groups are featured in this interdisciplinary exhibition, which also includes a rich program of lectures, discussions and performances.

The natural world, from which humanity has so thoroughly distanced itself, no longer exists, at least not in the same way or to the same extent it once did. This realization is starting to increasingly dawn on us, and has resulted in a growing desire to reconsider old truths and seek out new ways of living and understanding the world.

In many places today, texts are being written, lectures given, and exhibitions held that in a variety of ways explore man’s complex relationship with the environment in which we live. Criticism has hardened against the logic of a culture that has led to irrevocable destruction of the planet and the extinction of species. At the same time, the interest is growing for more holistic world-views and for the fascinating exercise of rethinking our relationships within a more-than-human world.

Moderna Museet Malmö wants to actively contribute to these important reflections and is therefore presenting Sensing Nature from Within during the fall of 2019 and spring of 2020.

The project will combine an international art exhibition with an interdisciplinary program arranged in collaboration with Lund University Agenda 2030 Graduate School, a global and cutting-edge research platform for issues related to societal challenges, sustainability and Agenda 2030.

Binary divisions between nature and culture and rationality and sensibility are challenged in both exhibition and program. By contemplating on our role within the natural world, and by exploring intelligence and the emotional life both within and beyond the human sphere, the project aims at awakening our sensibilities towards the nature that still surrounds us, as well as to the nature that constitutes our own inner worlds.

Participating artists: Ursula Biemann & Paolo Tavares; Cecilia Edefalk; Elisabete Finger & Manuela Eichner; Hans Hammarskiöld; Ingela Ihrman, Anne Duk Hee Jordan; Tuija Lindström, Hanna Ljungh; Hilde Skancke Pedersen; The Otolith Group; Shimabuku; Christine Ödlund.

Curator: Joa Ljungberg