press release

Frissiras Museum presents, from 4 March till 31 May 2015, at the building at 3 Monis Asteriou in Plaka, the exhibition of the German artist Simon Pasieka. Although at a first glance, Simon Pasieka’s visual universe is characterized by an extreme realism, a more careful analysis of his compositions brings us to a world of dream & illusion, where nothing is at it seems. On the contrary, the eerie essence of his images is transformed into a surrealist illusion, drenched in an underlying feeling of distress and a vague impression of an imminent threat. Thus his figures, are defined by a cold, almost artificial humanism and are engaged in situations reminiscent of a mimic, sterile reproduction of human activities, filtered through an intense cerebral process. It may be the reflection of the world of the unconscious or the manifestation of the imagination of an artist who has managed to combine the coldness of the German rationalism with the colors of the Fauves, resulting in a work of almost lyrical modernity, which expresses a convincing alternative suggestion for the visual expression of the future.