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The exhibit examines the reformulated focus on figurative painting by a younger generation of artists from Austria and the U.S. who have expressed themselves and their preoccupations through this traditional medium. Concentrating on the physical moment in painting, these artists emphasize the fragility of the human body to deliver a visual social analysis and to grasp the complexity of life with its diverging lifestyles and cultural practices. While revealing individual artistic approaches, the exhibit opens up a dialog between viewers and different representations of the self.


only in german

Slices of Life
Blueprints of the Self in Painting
Kuratoren: Karin Pernegger, Walter Seidl

mit Amy Cutler, Plamen Dejanoff, Nicole Eisenman, Johanna Kandl, Elke Krystufek, Muntean / Rosenblum, Katrin Plavcak, Lisa Ruyter, Markus Schinwald, Nicole Six / Paul Petritsch, Ena Swansea, Nicola Tyson, Gregor Zivic