press release

"Spaceliner" is a group exhibition that focuses on the relationship between drawing and space. In an attempt to examine the stylistic vocabulary of contemporary drawing, the exhibition illustrates working methods and approaches of drawing through the works of 17 artists.

All the works presented in "Spaceliner" start from a mode of thinking rooted in drawing, which differentiates the artistic results here from spatial installations in general. This approach manifests itself in both the choice of materials as well as in their use. Above all, however, it is manifested in the works' graphic intensity and how the lines are used in, and with, the space. Thus, the works reflect on the one hand a persistent attempt to fathom the epistemological quality of the medium of drawing. On the other, the aspect of motion is substantially integrated into the works' conception, which leads to a fundamental discussion of the tension between spatial image and actual experience in space. All the works move in the transitional zones between lines drawn and the actual physical spatial environment, and all are concerned with both the constructed spaces we live in as well as with visions of interiority.

The exhibition thus attempts to prove the potential of drawing, as a contemporary means of expression, to push ahead the development of new visual ideas by means of extraordinary methods and material.