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ART SHEFFIELD 05: Spectator T is a city-wide contemporary art event which takes place within Sheffields major galleries, project spaces, non-gallery venues and public sites from 28 October to 27 November 2005. The programme includes a mix of emerging and established artists and comprises existing works and new commissions, all responding to a fictional Spectator T who is antagonistic to art.

As part of this programme Site is showing three international works which deal in different ways with the languages of film and the appropriation and re-use of existing material. The works have in common a relation to the grammar and structures of film and a critical stance towards representations and perceptions of art.

Christian Jankowski has his works The Hunt and My Life as a Dove appropriated for a major movie produced by Columbia Tri-Star Pictures, in which a female video artist named Rosa is the main protagonist. The film tells the story of Viktor, an advertising executive who steals the concept for a campaign from an artwork made by his girlfriend. Jankowski allows the feature film to incorporate his works in exchange for the production of his own project using the same actors and cameras. asking themto break out of character to answer questions about film and art relevant to each scene. Jancowskis video work, Rosa is a film within a film which freezes the normal movie flow as the actors respond in their own words to Jankowskis set of questions. The clichs the filmmakers employ to create their art world story inspire Jankowskis inquiries. Christian Jankowski is based in the USA and Germany.

Damon Packards high octane trailers for proposed feature films appropriate and subvert the familiar vocabulary of Hollywoods different genres from Slasher movie to horror and Sci-Fi to critique its excesses whilst remaining in thrall to the spectacle. Packards work defies description: his entry on the Internet Movie Database begins with the statement The name which could have been synonymous with Steven Spielberg yet if one looks further on his website ( they would find user comments such as if filmmaking has been your dream then I would urge you to re-evaluate your goals because from what Ive seen your in trouble (actual comment from someone who picked up the DVD of his 2002 feature film Reflections of Evil, of which he left 22,000 DVDs laying around Los Angeles in a massive guerilla marketing campaign) "Shocking, intriguing, scary and subversive bad taste from beginning to end. But moments of humour and pathos shine through to keep you glued. Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull). Damon Packard is based in Los Angeles.

Antoine Prums work similarly takes on the structure of the revenge western, but adds an additional level of appropriation and art world critique. Mondo Veneziano. High Noon in the Sinking City addresses a wide variety of theoretical discourses currently on the contemporary art agenda, confronting them with a series of unexpected and spectacular events. Cast in an abandoned Venice (which is actually a film set in Luxembourg) Mondo Veneziano narrates a meeting of four protagonists, representative of key players in the art world, who appear to conduct a complex theoretical debate. But their soliloquious confrontation an insidious patchwork of quotations from recent specialist literature, paraphrasing the widely used post-modern technique of sampling is interrupted by a string of bloody killings, largely inspired by common cinema genres such as gore or splatter movies. Antoine Prum is based in Berlin.


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