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For the month of May, the empty gallery will be handed over to six artists and the people of Folkestone. Converted into a vast workspace, the gallery will generate and store ideas, which will subsequently inform the commissioning of a permanent artwork for a site in Folkestone.

Each artist will be allocated an area of the space with which to work. What form this intervention takes and what work it results in will be entirely determined by the individual and the groups that they work with. Their time might be spent building a structure in response to the architectural space, interviewing visitors or facilitating formal workshops.

The general public will also play an active role in the gallery’s re-invention, taking part in various activities and adding their own ideas to the proliferation of ‘stuff’. The project will encourage participants to think about the process of conceiving and creating work for a specific space.

Artist Anna Lucas has recreated a domestic TV viewing space suggestive of a lounge or den. The general public is invited to both make recommendations and join her in watching a series of films that have had a lasting impact or influence since adolescence. While she is watching Lucas will be engaged in a continuous process of drawing and documenting these significant movies. The resulting images and text will be re configured to form new narratives across the gallery wall.

If you would like to contribute to the movie selection please contact the Metropole Galleries office or to let us know which movies you particularly remember from your teenage years and which you would still rate as inspirational.

Jo Addison and Natasha Kidd explore behind the scenes of creative practice, enabling visitors to ask questions of artists, no matter how absurd. Visitors to the space will encounter a field of ‘artists on sticks’, ready and waiting to be interrogated.

Alex Schady has installed a ramshackle hide in the gallery. Subtly mirroring the ornate architectural detail of the ceiling, the incongruous construction is squashed uncomfortably against the walls. Workshop participants will creatively destroy the structure by inserting a series of viewing devices through its walls. Turned more surveillance tower than hide by the appearance of numerous eye holes the object will provide a space from which to view and monitor the gallery. Hidden away inside the tower, visitors will be invited to create drawings using the viewing devices.

adbrain mapgut stormprop bullrap by Mark and Stephen Beasley is the first research stage of ADVENTURE, a short audio play in which two teenagers discuss their experiences of mall culture. Their skull session (chat) leads to an overt action that is both destructive and creative. At Metropole Adbrain.... will take the form of a series of advertising posters that visually express the key themes of ADVENTURE.

Once the studio has been dismantled each artist will submit a brief proposal for a site-specific work for the Creative Foundation’s latest studio complex.

The artists proposals will go before a selection panel in early July and the selected work will be installed for the opening of the new studio complex in December 2006.

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The Delinquent Silhouette

mit Jo Addison / Natasha Kidd, Mark Beasley / Stephen Beasley, Anna Lucas, Alex Schady