press release

Adam Baumgold Gallery presents the first exhibition from The Ganzfeld, an annual book of pictures and prose. Art from over 30 Ganzfeld contributors will be on display. Some of the work is original art created for publication in The Ganzfeld such as food-themed wallpaper designs by Red Grooms and Maira Kalman's portraiture. The exhibition is predominantly new an unknown work by an international group of artists, including prints and drawings by Chris Ware and a suite of pattern paintings by Gary Panter. Jim Nutt and Fred Tomaselli will be showing unusual early works, while Karl Wirsum is represented by an unseen set of drawings from 1969.

At a time when drawing and comics are on the rise again, The Ganzfeld is the only publication and exhibition that treats both as ongoing activities rooted in a rich picture-making tradition. In The Ganzfeld (unbound), diverse work in graphic design, illustration, fine art, and comics exist on equal footing. By combining these artists and genres, this exhibition helps to delineate a hidden 20th century pop art history rooted in artists like Nutt, Grooms, Panter, and Seymour Chwast while pushing it far forward by showing rising comics, design, and art talent, such as Ron Rege Jr., Geoff McFetridge, and Adam Dant.

The artists included in the exhibition are Michael Bartalos, Marc Bell, Peter Blegvad, Blexbolex, Seymour Chwast, Paul Cox, Adam Dant, Renée French, Art Green, Red Grooms, Steven Guarnaccia, George Hardie, Frank Johnson, Maira Kalman, Eric Lebofsky, Geoff McFetridge, Richard McGuire, Mark Newgarden, Gladys Nilsson, Jim Nutt, Gary Panter, Brian Ralph, Ron Rege, Jr., Eric Reynolds, Suellen Rocca, Jonathon Rosen, Joseph Scheer, Leah Singer, Patrick Smith, Fred Tomaselli, Chris Ware, Lauren Weinstein, Karl Wirsum. The curators of the exhibition are Dan Nadel and Peter Buchanon-Smith.

About The Ganzfeld:

The Ganzfeld is an annual book of art, comics, design, history, illustration, and prose assembled and published by Dan Nadel and Peter Buchanon-Smith for Monday Morning. The third issue features a collaboration between Rick Moody and Fred Tomaselli, a new picture story by designer Geoff McFetridge, and even an illustrated essay by Alfred Hitchcock. Lengthy comics and picture stories are contributed by an international group, Renée French and Peter Blegvad among them. The Ganzfeld #3 also puts the spotlight on history: profiles include the inventor of the Macy's Day Parade balloon; a special 40-page section devoted to the art collective the Hairy Who (Jim Nutt, Karl Wirsum etc.); and articles on Bruegel (by Lawrence Weschler) and deep space photography. All this and much more. Much more than an anthology, The Ganzfeld is a crisp picture of the state of the arts today.