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This summer, the Kunsthal Rotterdam presents the exhibition The Kids Are All Right, Fifteen Years of Showroom MAMA. This Rotterdam-based platform for visual culture examines the border between visual art and popular culture, and serves as a home basis for the youngest generation of image makers, artists and general public. This cooperation between MAMA and the Kunsthal, both in Rotterdam, has created a new platform for young national and international artists and designers that have been realising their pioneering and exciting ideas at MAMA since 1997. The Kids Are All Right offers a delightful kaleidoscope of artistic expressions concentrated around five themes from the history of MAMA, including comics, street art, artists' collectives, public participation and graphic design. The Kids Are All Right

Showroom MAMA is founded in 1997 by Boris van Berkum. As the first art institution in the Netherlands to do so, MAMA has been offering up-and-coming artists, performers, designers and youngsters from the graffiti and skateboard scene the opportunity to develop their talents and take their first steps as artists. Together with work by 75B designers from the 1990s, the Flyer'dam project in 2007 and more recently Abner Preis, Wayne Horse, Antistrot and Koen Taselaar, the exhibition includes countless artists who have made their name both nationally and internationally thanks to MAMA. It will also show work by well-known artists such as Shepard Fairey, Jemima Brown & Dolly, street artist Miss Van, and by rising stars such as Rafäel Rozendaal and Tala Madani, who recently won the 2012 Volkskrant Beeldende Kunst Prijs (Volkskrant Art Award). Maurer United Architects, who began their career at MAMA in 2000, are currently working on a special exhibition design that will present MAMA's highlights and milestones.

Talent Development

Developing talent plays an important role in the cooperation between Showroom MAMA and the Kunsthal. MAMA always involves ‘Rookies', young volunteers between 16 and 26 years of age, in its activities so as to provide them with work experience in the field of culture. A team of Rookies has been formed and put into contact with staff from the Kunsthal especially for the exhibition The Kids Are All Right. These Rookies are helping with various aspects of the exhibition such as research, communication, education and setup. They will also be supervising the various public activities during the exhibition.

The Kids Are All Right

Künstler: 75 B , Antistrot , Asgar & Gabriel, Arno Coenen, Johan Boer, Jemima Brown, Dogs of Shame , Nare Eloyan, Shepard Fairy , Gyz la Riviere / Fleur Kolk, Risk Hazekamp, Wayne Horse, Humobisten , Tala Madani, Stephan Marx, MSLM , Jan van Nuenen, O.O.N.A. , Adriaan van der Ploeg, Abner Preis, Rafael Rozendaal, Hidde van Schie, Mariusz Tarkawian, Koen Taselaar, Ryan Trecartin, Miss Van , Ola Vasiljeva, Jasmijn Visser, Vrienden van Lee, Martin C. de Waal, Philippe van Wolputte, Yasumasa Yonehara