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Catalogue: Owing to the special characteristics of the exhibition, and the need to compile the documentation on the works shown, especially the site-specific pieces, the catalogue of the show will be published after the opening. Published jointly by the MARCO of Vigo and Koldo Mitxelena of San Sebastión, it will include a critical article by the curators and essays by other contributors on the works and the exhibition concept, in addition to pictures and credits of the works on exhibit.

The curators: Pablo Fanego is an independent exhibition curator. He earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Vigo and his most recent endeavours include the project on art and public space A cidade interpretada, in Santiago de Compostela, with the participation of the artists Nathan Coley, Hans Schabus, Roman Ondák, Jorge Barbi, Germaine Kruip, Apolonija Sustersic, Carme Nogueira and André Guedes, and the solo show by Alicia Framis, Secret Strike, at the CGAC, Santiago de Compostela. His previous professional career is for the most part linked to the Luis Seoane Foundation in Corunna. At this centre he directed exhibition and publishing projects such as Trompe-la-memóire. Historia e visualidade, A construción do espectador and How soon is now? He also organized several workshops and activities related to contemporary art, such as the meetings Deseño das pasaxes ou Estruturas sen poder, carried out with the participation of the UIMP. He is currently preparing two solo shows with the artists Ibon Aranberri and Hans Schabus.

Pedro de Llano earned a bachelor’s degree in History of Art at the University of Santiago de Compostela. He is currently preparing his doctoral dissertation at USC on Clement Greenberg’s materialist criticism, based on research he developed at the Getty Research Institute in Los Angeles. He is participating on several research projects at USC on the relations between the cultural industry and the cityscape, and he is collaborating on USC’s master in contemporary art programme. He is co-editor of the book En tiempo real: El arte mientras tiene lugar (Fundación Luis Seoane, Corunna, 2001) together with Xosé Lois Gutiérrez. He was also documentation advisor for the exhibition A creación do necesario (MARCO, Vigo, 2004) and editor of Wrong Site: Arte y globalización (Fundación Luis Seoane, 2008). He is contributor to the magazines Exit Express, Afterall online and the Vanguardia’s supplement Cultura/s. He recently had three essays published, about the artists Tino Sehgal, Dan Graham, Fernando José Pereira, Hans Shabus, Vicente Blanco and José Carlos Teixeira.

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Kuratoren: Pedro de Llano, Pedro Fanego

mit Lara Almarcegui, Monica Bonvicini, Arabella Campbell, Maria Eichhorn, Annika Eriksson, Ceal Floyer, Andrea Fraser, Luca Frei, Mario Garcia Torres, Felix Gonzales-Torres, Jeppe Hein, Louise Lawler, Maider Lopez, Loreto Martinez Troncoso, Roman Ondák, Sergio Prego, Karin Sander, Tino Sehgal, Sancho Silva, Thomas Struth