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A fixed part of the auxiliary programme of de Appel is The Shadow Cabinet. Emerging curators and (ex-)participants of the Curatorial Programme (CP), which de Appel has been running since 1994, occupy the former directors office. At the moment ex-CP-students (CP 2004/2005) Claire Staebler (FR) & Jelena Vesić (RS) present their project "No More Reality. Step 3: SHARED FOLDER".

"No More Reality" is a theoretical-practical platform for an ongoing project, which investigates performative aspects of the crowd in the streets and the political implications of body practices in the public space. It’s a mobile exhibition and a discursive project that gathers a group of artists, activists, theorists, curators, magazines and radio broadcasters. "No More Reality" is developing in stages since 2005. Exhibitions, publications and discussions accompanying this process are conceptualized as fragmentary situations and steps in the research, rather then as the final projects with fixed and definite conclusions.

For the third phase of the "No More Reality"-project the curatorial team is opening up their folder of research material, creating a display in the form of a small-scale documentation center in The Shadow Cabinet. Installations created for the specific site, video and audio records, catalogues, books, posters and leaflets transform the exhibition space into an environment in which the content can be examined and reflected rather than passively consumed. The selection of artworks presented here also sheds light on the variety of tools used for different manifestations like slogans, flags, t-shirts, free newspapers and flyers, offering insight into the aesthetics and vocabulary of contemporary protest.

Guest Curators: Claire Staebler (FR) & Jelena Vesić (RS)

Video/audio installations: Fia Backström and Sharon Hayes Video screenings: Johanna Billing, Susanne Burner, Marcelo Exposito, Inventory, Ligna, Radek Community, R.E.P Group, Skart Group, Hito Steyrel, Annika Ström, Dmitry Vilensky, Henry VIII Wives (in collaboration with Horkestar, Vladmarx, BGYSS, WoO, Milos, Jelena and Ana) Magazines, books, newspapers, posters, leaflets: Susanne Burner, Chto Delat, Sam Durant, David Ter Oganyan, Roman Ondak, R.E.P Group, Bruno Serralongue, Annika Ström, Phillipe Parreno, Version.

++ No More Reality library, Video self-service, Take away corner

The Shadow Cabinet:
No More Reality. Step 3: SHARED FOLDER
Crowd and Performance: demonstration, public space, use of body
Kuratoren: Claire Staebler, Jelena Vesic

Künstler: Fia Backström, Sharon Hayes, Johanna Billing, Susanne Bürner, Marcelo Exposito, Inventory , Ligna , Radek Community , R.E.P. Group , Skart Group , Hito Steyerl, Annika Ström, Dmitry Vilensky, Henry VIII Wives / Horkestar , Vladmarx , BGYSS , WoO , Milos , Jelena & Ana ), Chto Delat? , Sam Durant, David Ter-Oganyan, Roman Ondák, Bruno Serralongue, Annika Ström, Philippe Parreno