press release

‘There is no audience!’ aims to reconstruct survival values and produce a multifaceted hope for future audiences by converting the reader into a viewer, injecting performative, sonic and narrative intelligence into contemporary vision, while questioning the role of access, value and the media in the contemporary image politics. Investigating the possibilities of a ‘spacetime’ for the discussion of a fundamental question; “who is our audience today?”, it departs from the continuously changing position of the audience and examines how public imagination is perceived today in diverse cultural, political and social contexts, seeking to understand how artistic research and knowledge respond to these transformations. A.Y.

Kurator: Adnan Yildiz

Künstler: Alikidd + Jade Sou, Can Altay, Fikret Atay, Johanna Billing, Gerard Byrne, Elmas Deniz, Olof Dreijer & Mamori, Hadley + Maxwell, Christian Hillesoe & Johan Tiren, Lynne Marsh, Ming Wong