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Museum of Contemporary Photography / Columbia College Chicago | 600 S. Michigan Ave
IL-60605 Chicago

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Chicago–– In February 2008, the MoCP will open a group exhibition of work by seven artists—two of whom are American, and five of whom are not—offering diverse perceptions of the United States. Their artwork touches upon some of the most current American concerns as well as some of its most enduring stereotypes. They use current events, personal observations, and often humor to comment on the political, religious, and cultural climate of this country. In their work they demonstrate that our nation’s character is not tribal, but rather it is a constantly shifting confluence of traditions, stereotypes, and opinions, as understood from both within the country and from the outside.

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This Land Is Your Land

mit Roberto Bellini, Peter Granser, Caroline Hake, Christian Jankowski, Simon Roberts, Greg Stimac, Bryan Zanisnik