press release

Los Angeles-based Tim Hawkinson is a phenomenon within the art world and without. His 1995 solo exhibition in New York was heralded by critics as “astounding,” and “larger-than-life,” an “extravaganza” that “must be seen to be believed.” Popular response was equally wowing, with eager viewers waiting in long lines wrapping daily around the block. Tim Hawkinson—co-organized by the Whitney Museum of American Art and LACMA—is the first comprehensive survey of the artist’s career and Hawkinson’s first major museum exhibition on the West Coast. The exhibition of nearly two decades’ worth of work includes an overview of Hawkinson's steady evolution of his obsessively detailed drawings, minute constructions, inflated latex casts, and uncanny mechanical contraptions. Hawkinson builds his works atomically—that is, from the smallest units—and cumulatively, accruing vast agglomerations that stagger the imagination with their complexity and intricacy. Varying in size from his visually and compelling miniature sculptures of birds and bird eggs, assembled entirely from his fingernail clippings, to his sprawling mechanical wind instruments constructed of inflatable plastic tubes and ducts, Hawkinson’s oeuvre is a meditation on the body in all its physical manifestations and on human consciousness in all its metaphysical aspects.

Coordinating Curator: Howard N. Fox, Curator, Modern and Contemporary Art, LACMA Credit: This exhibition was co-organized by the Whitney Museum of American Art and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.


Tim Hawkinson
Kurator: Howard N. Fox

11.2.05 - 29.5.05 Whitney Museum
26.6.05 - 5.9.05 Los Angeles County Museum of Art