press release

The exhibition "Transformal", which is being organised by the American art historian Maia Damianovic, brings together an international group of contemporary artists whose work questions the issue of aethetic significance in an attempt to emancipate art from conventional schemas of perception, formal grids and cultural codes. Reflecting upon the problematic nature of representational language today, Transformalism resists categorization. It confuses the serious and frivolous, the abstract and the referential, the intuitive and the formally contrived; it unexpectedly elides various sources, styles and genres, and tests the identity of the art work between a simple materiality and aesthetic transcendence. Ranging from the ethereal, the miniatur and the obscure, to works that are labyrinthian, extravagant and baroque, the Transformal elasticizes our notions of an art work in the process of inventing new creative forms.

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thematic group exhibition

Künstler: Lillian Ball, Paolo Canevari, Franklin Cassaro, Grenville Davey, Christopher French, James Hyde, Charles Long, Fabian Marcaccio, Ernesto Neto, Carl Ostendarp, Jack Risely, Adrian Schiess, Carol Szymanski, Martin Walde, Daniel Wiener