press release

Main Overview The exhibition strives towards art that is accessible for both audiences and artists to engage with, and which inspires awareness and stimulates discussions around the fields of visual arts.

As part of the gallery’s directives, this exhibition is a fund-raising event whereby ALL profit will go towards a charity organization, Friends for All Children Foundation. Future exhibitions will also be committed to raise funds for either different organizations for charity or project development for artists working on different artistic platforms.

Framework for Exhibition For this exhibition, which takes its inspiration from the address and name of the gallery, 100 Soi Tonson; 17 artists are each given a wall space of 100cm and works can be contributed in the form of one or a few pieces, depending on how each artist plans to utilize the space.

Underlining an interest in the globalising nature of contemporary life, artists are asked to contribute works that focus on various chosen terrains such as living structure, consciousness or identity. It is as if the individual works is suggested as markers to bring out the existence of the gallery.

Thematic is decisively avoided; instead, the way to access the exhibition is to read and look across the art searching for connections, contradiction and challenges to preconception – an exercise which can provide new and wider insight.

We cordially invite you to the opening on Thursday, June 5 2003 at 7 pm. For further enquiry or press contact, please call Khun Aey at 01-806 5855 or Khun Josef Ng at 09-160 8898,

List of artists

1. Alongkorn Lauwatthana 2. Amornthep Mahamart 3. Anupong Kachacheewa 4. Chalit Nakpawan 5. Gumsak Atipiboonsin 6. Jakkai Siributr 7. Porntip Chaipimarnsri 8. Ravich Terdwong 9. Saiyart Semangern 10. Sakarin Krue-on 11. Somphot Mailarksri 12. Somsak Kongnaphakdee 13. Tawatchai Somkong 14. Thaweesak Srithongdee 15. Wutigorn Khongka 16. Wuttichai Boontham 17. Yupa Changkul

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Various Artists
Grand Opening

mit Alongkorn Lauwatthana, Amornthep Mahamart, Anupong Kachacheewa, Chalit Nakpawan, Gumsak Atipiboonsin, Jakkai Siributr, Porntip Chaipimarnsri, Ravich Terdwong, Saiyart Semangern, Sakarin Krue-on, Somphot Mailarksri, Somsak Kongnaphakdee, Tawatchai Somkong, Thaweesak Srithongdee, Wutigorn Khongka, Wuttichai Boontham, Yupa Changkul