press release

Rien – Is That All? is an extensive joint exhibition by Finnish artists Veli Granö and Tuovi Hippeläinen. The exhibition presents different life stories and views of the world through images, narrations and memories.

Miniature worlds created by the artists, offer viewpoints into collective and individual experiences and of different and alternative ways to perceive reality.The exhibition includes photography, video and installation and at its centre is Islands, an installation by Veli Granö, in which a model train runs on tracks which circle the exhibition space. Tiny video cameras inside the trainrecord material which is presented in real-time in a building erected in the gallery. A sound loop simultaneously plays stories told by people from Pori, Finland about the most memorable moments of their lives. Islands creates atheatrical world of real-time and pre-produced material; the motion of the wheels of the train can be seen as a metaphor for the action of memory, continually conveying observations into the past and always coming back towhere it started from.

Veli Granö, photographer and documentarist, focuses his work predominantly on photographing people who givemeaning to their lives through self-made art, including self-taught artists, collectors and creators of miniature worlds.

Tuovi Hippeläinen, photographer and teacher of photography on the other hand, works mainly in painting,photography and video and creates video installations which distance themselves from narrative cinema, and instead of a plot, feature an event bound by cyclical time, resembling a painting set in motion. Both artists makehighly personal art, yet are also capable of a seamless cooperation. In this exhibition, that cooperation comes across as a seamless whole, a journey into life itself.Visitors to the exhibition are invited to participate in a clay workshop and create their own self-portrait. The finished pieces will be displayed in the gallery to form part of the exhibition. Rien – Is That All? is produced by Pori Art Museum, Finland. The exhibition is part of the Visual Community Network.


Veli Granö and Tuovi Hippeläinen "RIEN - Is That All?"
Produktion: Pori Art Museum, Finnland
Level 3