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Videorama is a serie of projections presenting video works produced by austrian artists. This project was preapared by curator from Kunsthalle in Vienna. It is a slection from archive, which gathers almost 1500 works by 900 artists – ursula blickle videoarchiv. Created in March 2007 allows free of charge access to rich collection. works selection presented in Zacheta is a part of the exhibition shown in Kunsthalle in Vien.

Videorama. Artclips from Austria

“The idea of production includes not only the making of the film but also its presentation and reception in the imagination of the viewer, who is the actual producer of the film, as the film on the screen always sets in motion the film inside the viewer’s head”. Alexander Kluge

Videorama – from the “all-seeing” panoramic view of a world flooded by images and watched by cameras, eliciting the response of an increasingly blinkered view, to the concentrated “I see” of video. Videorama focus the art value of the moving picture and sets a course with the sections ANIMATING, ACTING, ABSTRACTING, MOVING, NARRATING, and TRANSFORMING.

The everyday activities of twenty-first-century human beings take place in what theorists call “reality”, 1 spaces shaped by media – be it traditional media such as telephone, radio, television, and cinema, or the Internet, Facebook, and blogs, which have long since crept into our lives and established links with our inner worlds. Visitors to Videorama, too, are rocked by a steady flow of moving images. In the show, today’s mingling of reality and virtuality is reflected in a staging of “reality”, a merging in the viewer’s perception of exhibition space and time-based artwork. The juxtaposition of video works creates experiential spaces and eloquent image combinations: in a dialectics of visual overload and aesthetic concentration, the viewer immerses him/herself in a setting at the same time as heightening the sensitivity and fine-tuning of his/her perceptive apparatus.

The works presented in Videorama operate with different time modes; there are narrative works, clip-like videos and works based on duration that explore atmospheres, spaces, and moods via stretching in time. In the center of the show is a half hour video program, with a compilation of eleven videos that are not only selected by content but also by an image-sound-relation. The videos are arranged on four projections after and along side of each other.

The parameters of the media video – time, image and sound – are translated to an exhibition choreography. A further focus in the show consists of animations often with a self-made attitude intended as a counterweight to elaborate films as well as works with a technoid and aggressive aesthetic.

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Videorama. Artclips from Austria
Kurator: Angela Stief

Künstler: Klaus Auderer, Renate Bertlmann, BitteBitteJaJa , Ulu Braun, Roland Rauschmeier, Paul Divjak, Thomas Draschan, Tomas Eller, Tina Frank / Peter Rehberg, Rainer Ganahl, Johannes Hammel, Nicolas Jasmin, Anna Jermolaewa, Susi Jirkuff, Leopold Kessler, Dariusz Kowalski, Stephan Lugbauer, Sabine Maier, Mara Mattuschka & Gabriele Szekatsch, Josh Müller, Rudolf Polanszky, Gerwald Rockenschaub, Franz Schubert, Veronika Schubert, Walter Seidl / Stefan Geissler, Hubert Sielecki / A.S:K. , Station Rose , Stermann & Grissemann, Axel Stockburger, Erwin Wurm