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A group exhibition presenting artists from the Bay Area, New York, Los Angeles, as well as from Costa Rica, Colombia, El Salvador and Mexico whose works address issues of violence. Featuring artworks created in different mediums, Viology explores how artists of color respond to particular experiences of violence ranging from pervasive "commercial" media representations, to domestic, political, and institutional forms of violence. Artists include: Juan Manuel Echavarría (Colombia), Priscila Monje (Costa Rica), Arnaldo Morales (Puerto Rico - USA), Julio Morales (San Francisco), Ana Claudia Munera (Colombia), Sergio de la Torres (Bay Area), Gustavo Vasquez (Mexico-Bay Area), and others.


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Viology: Violence of Culture & Cultures of Violence

mit Juan Manuel Echavarria, Priscila Monje, Arnaldo Morales, Julio Morales, Ana Claudia Munera, Sergio de la Torres, Gustavo Vasquez